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Turku Airport


Turku Airport is regarded as one of the busiest airports in Finland by dint of serving the needs of 450,000 passengers on yearly basis. Its popularity and profitability is at increase since it came into being. If you are planning a tour to Turku and be concerned about facilities over there, you are promised to get plentiful options emerged as a response to your quest.

Turku Airport Taxi Transfer


Turku Airport Taxi

For most of passengers looking to get to their targeted destination on time (though by spending a little extra dough) in the most comfortable way, Turku airport taxi service is the best idea to go with. It will, again, be even more ideal to book your order for a taxi in advance to avoid irritation sprout out of unavailability of them on urgent basis.


Turku Airport Bus

Bus is also not a bad option to set your mind on. There is a well known bus service “Express [4] coach” running between the centre of the city and airport terminal. Why to prefer bus service to airport taxi one? Simply, because it is less burdening on your pocket. Why not? Only because it does not provide (surely it can never) the same standard of luxury and mood-compatibility as we see in case of fully customizable royally luxuries airport cab service.



Shopping Center

Shop shop shop….! You will feel never tired or bored of shopping from the shopping centres found within or close to main airport terminals. From international to local, all variety of products are available on desirable rates. Moreover, there is some alluring and unique kind of stuff grabbing your attention and forcing you to fall in love with at very first glance. What else can you expect or dream in this context?

Food items


Turku Restaurant

Your quest for food-points available nearing the Turku Airport also not leave you empty handed. There is a plethora of options for you to choose between. Many restaurants, hotels, tuck-shops, and many other deliciously odour-emitting places are there to attract you towards them. You can dine, get refreshment, and take coffee or tea from any of these internationally standard points.